Keep your eye on the Arab summit


They will also condemn Iran's interference in the affairs of the Arab states as a stark violation to the worldwide law and will urge Tehran to stop all provocative acts that undermine trust-building efforts and threaten regional stability and security, especially after Iran-backed Houthis escalated firing missiles against Saudi Arabia.

The interference of several countries, namely Iran and Turkey, in the internal affairs of some Arab countries is among those items.

Al-Jubeir had lambasted U.S. decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem town saying the move will hamper the global efforts to end Arab-Israel conflict in Middle East.

King Salman therefore rejected and condemned the American administration's decision to relocate its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, hailing the worldwide denouncement of Washington's decision.

The summit reviewed trade and investment matters, the Arab strategy to meet water challenges, the second phase of the Arab emergency food security programme and the Arab agreement for the exchange of information on plant and heritage resources.

"We confirm that East Jerusalem is an inseparable part of the Palestinian land", Saudi King Salman said.

The league also called for an worldwide probe into the "criminal" use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The summit begins 24 hours after the United States, France and Britain launched controversial air strikes in war-torn Syria in response to a reported regime chemical attack on the decimated rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta last week.

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"The summit condemned Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, either through igniting sectarian strife or planting militias in Arab countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, and harboring al Qaeda terrorists", Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told a news conference.

Arab ministers at a preliminary meeting in Riyadh on Thursday focused heavily on blocking the embassy move, unanimously condemning Trump's decision.

"The Palestinian cause is our primary cause and it will remain so until our fraternal Palestinian people obtain all of their legitimate rights, starting with the establishment of an independent state, whose capital is east Jerusalem", he stressed.

Saudi Arabia will use the summit to seek Arab support to pile the pressure on Iran.

He welcomed in this regard the United Nations Security Council statement that strongly condemned the Houthis for firing missiles against Saudi cities.

Saudi tensions with neighboring Qatar were also on display at the summit.

Moreover, Qassemi called on the Arab League member states to take necessary measures to build confidence and promote stability in the region.