Fortnite Devs Consider Expanding Matches to Over 100 Players


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Perhaps this higher-than-100 player mode could be tested as a Limited Time diversion to gauge reception among players.

Epic Games has stepped off the deep end with its most recent legendary outfit: the Leviathan. "Other games being searched Minecraft, Pokemon, Rainbox Six Siege and Fortnite's rival platform, PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)".

Thanks to Fortnite's recognisable gameplay, which distinguishes itself thanks to a unique building mechanic where you use gathered materials to create massive, hopefully impenetrable fortresses, several player types have developed over since that initial release.

Indeed, it didn't take long for players to flood social media networks like Twitter with posts that were seeped in despair, wondering when Fortnite would come back up.

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So, they will be releasing a Black Bling gift this weekend that Battle Royale players can get from the store for free and for Save the World players, they're offering a Troll Stash Llama in the loot tab for free.

But the Fortnite team still wanted to find a way to reward gamers for their patience in dealing with the issues involved with the game.

So, even though we won't know what caused the problem for a little while longer, it's at least nice to see Epic handing out some freebies to make up for the unexpected downtime. "We messed up here". Additionally, there are four sets of five Battle Stars for the normal difficulty tasks, while hard challenges will each award players with 10 Battle Stars.

"We'll have a detailed postmortem of this week's issues, and more information about how we will improve services for you in the future".

There's no particular reason that most Battle Royale games have stuck to 100 players per match, it's just a nice round number that ensures plenty of people are around for you to shoot in the face - and for you to be shot by. "Look for this later next week".