Trump Calls Comey 'Untruthful Slime Ball' Who 'Should Be Prosecuted'


"And in fact when I chose to just do it, I said to myself, I said 'you know, this Russian Federation thing with Trump and Russian Federation is a made-up story, it's an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won, '" said the president.

Trump and Comey traded barbs before, but Trump's Friday tweets are the first since details of Comey book have been revealed.

The dossier included intelligence suggesting the Kremlin was engaged in an effort to assist Trump's campaign for president.

Comey also said the allegations in the dossier had not been verified at the time he left the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Many social media users however took a dim view of Comey's revelations and of his book as a whole. The Associated Press purchased a copy this week. Because I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump.

At the time of his firing, Comey knew that the dossier had been funded by Trump's opponents, and that the allegations were most likely false. "It was my great honor to fire James Comey!".

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There were no reports of any allied losses and only limited resistance in the form of some Syrian surface-to-air missile activity. The deputy head of Russia's foreign affairs committee said Vladimir Dzhabarov said: The situation is being analysed right now.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also criticized Comey. Comey said Trump was most fixated on the allegations about the prostitutes and said that Trump later asked him if he could investigate those claims. I don't really know the guy. But if Trump did indeed sleep over at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, what, exactly, would be motivating him to say that he didn't? "He lied to Congress under oath". They will be looking to impeach Comey's credibility as a key witness in Mueller's obstruction investigation, which the president has cast as a political motivated witch hunt. He writes that then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly - now Trump's chief of staff - offered to quit out of disgust at how Comey was dismissed. Kelly has been increasingly marginalized in the White House and the president has mused to confidants about firing him.

Meetings with Trump gave Comey "flashbacks to my earlier career as a prosecutor against the Mob", he writes. That helped Trump and hurt Clinton, not the other way around.

"And I assumed he was asking that rhetorically, I didn't answer that, and I just moved on and explained, 'Sir, I'm not saying that we credit this, I'm not saying we believe it".

Trump has denied any collusion and has called Mueller's investigation a witch hunt.

The president raised the subject again a week later, after the dossier had been made public, according to the book. His bringing up the supposedly "botched" investigation of Hillary Clinton ignores the fact that Trump chose to keep Comey as FBI director upon assuming office, embracing him just days after the inauguration at a reception honoring law enforcement. "There's no way I would let people pee on each other around me".

While many lawmakers - Republicans and Democrats - have been disappointed with Comey's performance in the past, the timing and manner of Trump firing Comey sounded many alarm bells, including over whether Trump had removed the director in order to stall or possibly hamper an investigation into Russian Federation meddling that was shifting its focus toward the White House. It's lead headline is "PEE BRAIN!" - a reference to unconfirmed allegations in the dossier that Trump had watched prostitutes urinate on themselves in a Moscow hotel suite.