Mother Arrested After 2-Year-Old Tests Positive For Meth


The reports did not say exactly where the child had been taken after Ecker's arrest, and it was not clear if the mother was granted bail.

This is not the first story of alleged child abuse to gain viral attention in recent days.

The investigation into Ecker started in January when the Wakulla County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office learned the child may have been involved with using both drugs.

A report noted that people "joked" about the toddler's ability to roll joints for the mother, while others claimed that Ecker forced her child to smoke meth from a pipe. They also found a plastic bag containing marijuana residue in a basket of children's toys.

The laundry room cabinet at the YMCA Learning Center in Missoula, Mont., had been outfitted with a battery-powered light, makeshift curtains, shelves, an air filter, eye hooks to lock the doors from the inside - and a small glitter case containing snort tubes, lighters, a glass pipe and a vial of methamphetamine, police say.

Kaitlyn Ecker, 20, was charged with child abuse after the child tested positive for both drugs at levels that suggested to medical examiners that drugs were permitted on multiple occasions.

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Investigators also took samples of Ecker and the child's hair and blood to understand their history; the results of the tests came out in March.

The report found that the toddler tested positive for "chronic" use of both methamphetamine and amphetamine. The tests concluded it likely wasn't a one-time event, either. Additionally, Ecker denied owning the pipes.

The sheriff's office says Ecker admitted to smoking marijuana as recently as the night before, but away from the child.

It is believed that Ecker allowed her son to smoke meth out of a pipe. Police said that the toxicology revealed "chronic" use, meaning that the child consumed the drugs on "several times or on one or more occasions". She also denied ever smoking or ingesting drugs in the presence of the two-year old and denied any knowledge of the child being exposed to drugs.

It's unclear if Ecker has a lawyer who can speak on her behalf at this time. Kaitlyn Ecker was arrested Thursday on charges of child abuse and booked into the Wakulla County Jail, authorities announced Friday. According to her Facebook page, she works at a Walmart.