Google Testing Self Destructing Email For Gmail


In conclusion, the new surprising Gmail feature, Confidential Mode, will permit users to encrypt their sensitive emails so they won't be accessed by third-parties. From what we know so far, the new Gmail for web users will get smart replies, a feature already available on the mobile app, a new sidebar, the ability to snooze emails and three new layouts, among other things.

The web clients of Gmail are set to receive one of its most substantial overhauls in the next few weeks, yet Google made no announcements publicly. In the compose window of Gmail, there is a small lock icon named "Confidential Mode", which states that the email recipient won't be able to forward email content, copy and paste, download or print the email. However, the feature is still under development, as the option "Learn More" now redirects to a blank page. The report describes that on the recipient's side, the person used the existing version of Gmail and received a link to view the confidential email. This will likely make Gmail easier to load and use, and will also bring new features to the popular open email platform.

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There has been no official announcement regarding the launch of this feature to the users in their entirety.

As revealed by The Verge, the Gmail update is about more than just giving the email service a new coat of paint. Earlier this year Google disclosed cloud revenue figures for the first time, saying that the company is making $1 billion in revenue a quarter from the combined G Suite and Google Cloud Platform businesses. Before sending an email, users will be able to specify a time frame post which, the email will be deleted from the recipient's inbox. On the other hand, Google generates an email with a link in Gmail's current implementation. However, the leaker was able to seize a screenshot of the email content. In addition to that, it will also let you secure emails by enabling password protection which will be automatically generated through SMS. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.