Gmail to Bring Self-Destructing Email Feature to the Platform


Google is also planning to redesign Gmail for the web with plans to integrate some of the features available on its mobile app, to make it more clean and user-friendly.

Google sent an email to G Suite customers to tell them that the company has been working on a brand new version of Gmail for the web.

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Such emails can also be passcode-locked and can only be opened if you enter the correct passcode which will be sent to your phone via SMS.

In conclusion, the new surprising Gmail feature, Confidential Mode, will permit users to encrypt their sensitive emails so they won't be accessed by third-parties. In addition to a fresh design, the company also listed some of the new features. Before we get to that, what we know so far is that the revamped Gmail could launch in the next few weeks and will perhaps be part of the Google I/O developers conference on May 8. In the normal compose box you will find a new lock icon, which stands for Confidential Mode. Users will be able to select a date when the email will expire, after which the receiver will no longer be able to see the email. Users can also set an expiration date on certain sent emails. Now while the recipient of the email will not be allowed to copy and paste the content, some testers have found no issues in taking screenshots of the email, so it doesn't guarantee total privacy. This feature which is gaining attention from all the big tech giants hasn't been left out by the Gmail team and is possibly ready to be pushed ahead to the users. Notably, it looks like recipients of the confidential email will have to log into their Google accounts once again to read the email. Google, if rumors are right, working on enhanced confidential mode, which will allow the recording of the email as well.