Facebook Stories will now add Instagram's Boomerang feature and AR drawings


The world's largest social network will now allow users to use the Boomerang feature popularized by Instagram Stories in their Facebook Stories, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Thursday.

Facebook is giving stories a boost by rolling out AR doodles and Instagram's Boomerang to its camera feature suite, Tech Crunch reports. With the availability of the AR-based 3D drawing feature clear signifies that a major push is being given to the Stories and it is said to help increase the popularity of stories and drive user engagement.

According to a report by Elite Daily, John Barnett, Facebook Camera Product Manager added, "We wanted to give people an easy way to create with augmented reality and draw in the world around them". It launched its suite of AR effects and developer kits for various applications at the F8 conference in April past year.

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It's fun intended. The user can add a doodle that is not in the frame and adjust the camera position to see if the markings are in place.

In addition to 3D AR drawings, Facebook stories can now be created with Instagram's popular Boomerang feature. Facebook Stories will now allow a user to scribble or draw shapes on videos of the world around them. The AR tool is a feature that neither Instagram or Snapchat now offer.

Facebook has been pushing its Stories tool aggressively, despite a muted response from users. As per some reports from the web, the new feature is said to be the worst privacy scandal till date, and Facebook is regularly working on the stories to make it a robust feature available for the users. As Facebook ramps up competition with the likes of Snapchat and Instagram, we can likely expect greater integration with AR in future updates.