New Overwatch Hero Brigitte Is Available Now


She is available in Quick Play and Training, but won't be available in Competitive until season 10, which won't be for a while.

Above is the newest video uploaded to the official PlayOverwatch YouTube channel.

After Brigitte was revealed weeks ago, Overwatch players have been reading up on the new hero's abilities and her background story.

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In addition to adding Brigitte to the live servers on both PC and console, Blizzard also published the new PC patch notes on their website.

Another change to the game is Sombra. You can view the full patch notes by clicking here. Slotted into the Support category, Brigitte is a hybrid tank/healer who supports her allies mainly by smashing enemies in the face with her rocket flail. Her primary weapon is her heavy-hitting Rocket Flail that she swings in a wide arc in front of her to smash multiple enemies at once.

Brigitte's Barrier Shield deploys a frontal energy barrier that can absorb a limited amount of damage and protect any allies directly behind her. Enemies straying too close to the steadfast squire can get stunned by her Shield Bash, and her Rally Ultimate increases her speed and generates a hefty chunk of permanent armor for allies within range. When things get a bit tough, she can use a Repair Pack for burst healing with the potential for up to 75 temporary armor as a overheal. As recently announced, Blizzard is addressing frustrations with her by putting Hack on a two-second cooldown when it's interrupted by damage. Not only that the game has been updated to help deal with her line-of-sight being broken while casting Hack.