Set location-based reminders with your voice on Google Home


It will be able to control your smart home devices that are connected to your Assistant and retrieve information for you when you need it.

While Amazon's Alexa scouted out a head start in the voice activated assistant race, Google Assistant has appeared to be catching up.

Location-based reminders work with both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is tell Google Assistant that you want to be reminded of something when you are at a certain location. That's available free from the App Store.

During last weekend's SxSW Interactive, while the lines were long at HBO's Westworld exhibition, The Google Fun House attracted a fair share of attendees with a indoor and outdoor party that attempted to show the wide variety of things the Google Assistant can do inside and out.

There are some limits, it seems, however.

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With Google Assistant, you can also set up different, customised Routines for each individual in the household, once you've sorted out Voice Match for your devices to recognise you and provide your personal info.

This is where we get to one of Alexa's frustrating user experiences in that you have to enable the Follow-up Mode manually. For example, "Hey Google, remind me to pick up some bacon at Wal Mart" will trigger a notification only when you're around a Wal Mart, while "Hey Google, remind me to pick up flowers from the florist" will trigger when you're near any florist.

I just tested this on my Google Home and it worked fine.

That's all likely to improve as time goes on, and as the Assistant learns to differentiate more accurately.