San Leandro high school closed Thursday after shooting threat


After the lockdown was lifted students resumed a walkout to rally for gun control. I'm sick of this shit.

All Atascadero Unified School District schools were ordered to shelter in place Wednesday morning after a high school student allegedly posted threats on social media. San Leandro police issued a community message shortly before 11:10 a.m. Police swept the campus but did not find any guns.

The school was placed on lockdown; the San Leandro school district described as the decision as "strictly a precautionary move in order to systematically inspect the school grounds", KTVU reports. We also brought in some K-9's to search the hallways, and do a very comprehensive search the best we can to ensure the safety of the school, students and staff.

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Henderson said school security workers found the threatening graffiti on a stall in a boy's restroom. However, San Leandro High School students were sent home early, and their school will remain closed tomorrow as a precaution against violence.

There were rumors that a gun or guns were found on campus. Sheriff's officials say some students at Righetti saw the threat online and mistakenly believed it was related to their school.

Atascadero police say the teen responsible for posting the threat has been arrested.