Katy Perry kisses teenager on American Idol, Twitterati slam her for 'harassment'


And it was from none other than pop pin-up Katy Perry. "Having them all standing up for me after I got done performing, it was just so cool". Ukrainian singer-songwriter-rapper Misha Gontar.

In New Orleans, Laine Hardy sang "Hurricane", playing guitar and adding a lot of rasp. Katy had an obvious crush on Trevor, to the point she had to leave the room because he looked "so hot".

"American Idol" then kicks off its semi-finals with the aforementioned Top 24 singing their solo performances and celebrity duets on the following weekends before the Top 14 is chosen on April 22.

Rissa doesn't want to sell furniture and chose to give her musical dream a shot on "American Idol".

The Nielsen company said Monday that the 10.34 million who watched the return of "American Idol" represented ABC's biggest Sunday night audience with regular series programming since 2012.

Thaddeus Johnson just might be the next American Idol someday - but for now he's known as the guy who just slayed his audition with a Swedish House Mafia cover!

CBS says work needed on Stormy Daniels interview before airing
The fundraiser - hosted on CrowdJustice - was confirmed as authentic by Michael Avenatti , an attorney for Clifford. She says the money would go to "damages that may be awarded against me if I speak out and ultimately lose to Mr.

"It's a mental game, and I don't want to give you that opportunity and you get there and it destroys you", he said, before it is revealed that she is going to Hollywood sooner than her little sister. He received a golden ticket but didn't make it through the Hollywood rounds.

Gabbii Jones, 20, St. Louis: Her father has given her 30 days to make her dreams of stardom come true, or else she's got to get a job. Let's just say, their decision was unanimous. For some reason, the song didn't sound recognizable to me at first. Bryan said his voice was raw.

After contestant Michelle Susset invited the judges to get up and dance during her energetic audition, Perry toppled over in her sequined dress, exposing her crotch to the camera and fellow judges.

When David Francisco popped into the American Idol audition room, the judges didn't know what to expect after he admitted that he'd been hit by a vehicle and lost all function of his legs after he moved to Nashville to pursue his music dreams. After much therapy and struggling, he can now walk with crutches. He had a charming voice, and Perry was moved to tears.

Welcome to your second helping of ABC's rebooted American Idol this week. Trevor sang Brett Young's "In Case You Didn't Know", changing the lyrics to "In case you didn't know/Katy, I'm insane 'bout you".