Woman screams at Seahawks' Mike Tyson and Neiko Thorpe over anthem protests


The players, Neiko Thorpe and Mike Tyson, posted the video on Thorpe's Twitter account Monday afternoon.

While the woman was clearly upset over players' on-field demonstrations, her claims that her tax dollars pay the men's salaries are flat out wrong.

The woman was asked her name by the players, who never even took a knee during the National Football League season, but she refused and instead continued to ramble on as she drove away.

"F-k off. I don't care whoever you are", she replies. Tyson told her his name was "Big Mike", which only appeared to anger her more.

The players can be heard giggling while the fan shouts things like "stand up and be a man" and "get off your little f-- knees and represent the country that made you what you are".

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'You done yet?' Tyson said before the end of the video.

The woman's ugly rant was misguided. Tax money likely helped build the stadium Seattle plays in, but that's a separate matter entirely.

Cornerback Neiko Thorpe shared a video of the weird incident on social media this week.

"You start your morning off like that?" one of the players asks, chuckling. In September he accused Las Vegas police of profiling him, using excessive force and threatening him with a gun - something the department investigated and has since denied.

Protests during the national anthem have been a divisive issue since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was noticed sitting during "The Star-Spangled Banner" prior to a 2016 preseason game. The NFL has not announced any plans to change to revert back to that practice and has not implemented any rules compelling players to stand during the anthem.