Tom From Queer Eye Just Got Engaged


A week later they were back together, and now they're ready to make it official (again).

Congrats to Tom and Abby!

But then Tom updated the world on his current relationship with Abby on Twitter on February 27.

Fingers crossed that Tom's idea makes a Queer Eye wedding special happen - and that Antoni comes up with a signature cocktail for the reception that puts a formal spin on Tom's beloved "redneck margaritas".

His new look and confidence won her over, and the whole world fell in love with the adorable couple. The fan favorite announced the two are engaged.

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Jackson's tweet also continued with this savvy plea: "What a Netflix special [this] would be".

The new and improved Tom announced the engagement on Twitter and teased the idea of the Fab Five planning the wedding.

Look, maybe he's just angling for another 15 minutes-but the culmination of this whirlwind will-they, won't-they romance, which has been almost as compelling as the (very compelling!) new Queer Eye, probably would make for a heartwarming Netflix special.

After the Fab 5 helped Tom channel his inner studliness, he rekindled his romance with his ex-wife Abby and even asked her on a date at the end of the episode - and she said yes!

Naturally, fans were beyond excited upon hearing the news, with many sharing their well wishes for the couple on social media. We can just see it now! Deep down inside, we always knew we couldn't have nice things, didn't we?