The Flash season 4 episode 16 review: Speedster Iris; Thinker Harry?


Now that the episode is over and Barry's powers have been restored, star Candice Patton is opening up exclusively to ET about her whirlwind adventures on-set as a speedster, Iris' reignited passions for journalism and what's next for the newlyweds.

Once you've taken in all the happenings during "Run, Iris, Run", be sure to speed back here, whether your DNA is swapped or not, and check out our recap and review, as well as more coverage of The Flash all week long.

This one's probably a given to happen: Barry saying the episode title, "Run, Iris".

This was such a good spotlight episode for, not just Iris, but the entire dynamic of Team Flash that I nearly don't know where to start, and I'm certainly gonna end up leaving something out. I'm really excited to be here.

It's tough for me to really process just how much story and character development they managed to pack into this one, even in something that could have been a gimmick episode with a villain of the week. Now, with a new threat unleashed on Central City, Barry must act as the team leader while Iris takes on the mantle of superhero speedster in order to defeat their new foe.

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Also, at the end of the episode Iris started to write again.

"I don't think anybody ever is going to guess exactly what it is", he added, referring to Mystery Girl's identity. Most recently, the audience learned that she was at Jitters waiting to bump into Caitlin and Harry. I mean, at a wedding. And you know, it's more than just karma. But Harry is clearly going to some dark and unhealthy places, whereas I never once got the impression that Iris' decision to go into the field with her brand new powers was reckless or driven by vanity.

"I did. I always thought it would be cool for fans and for the show to see her suit up for an episode". Her transformation here was cathartic, and again, I can't help but feel it's the ultimate, final apology for the show's early "everybody lies to Iris' days".

The girl could also be a speedster as she seen writing Speed Force equations similar to Barry when he returns to Central City. As she sees it, Iris' true heroism is what she can accomplish without superpowers. "So I don't know, we've got to get there somehow". There were plenty of things to remind us that yes, Iris has been the leader of this team for almost a year now. This time her focus was on Ralph and Cisco and later she was seen drawing symbols that have been seen in previous episodes of this season as well. "I don't know that I'd want to do it everyday..." That leads to Barry being team leader while Iris is the speedster.