Met Office issues yellow weather warning for snow for Kent


According to the Met Office, there is also a chance of some snow showers in our area on both Saturday and Sunday.

Just as temperatures were rising to highs of 13 degrees in some parts of the country, and the promise of spring was on its way, it turns out that we might need to delay putting our winter coats away after all.

A front moving from the south-west towards the north-east is set to bring heavy rain to parts of the United Kingdom today and tomorrow, along with strong winds.

Mr Bowles told 'It's not likely to be anything like as bad as two weeks ago, but we could see between 2cm and 5cm of snow'.

More snow is set to hit Yorkshire later this week.


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Sky News weather forecasters say it is too early to say how much snow is likely to fall over the next few days.

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Snow showers are likely throughout Sunday, and where these converge some snow may well accumulate and could then prove disruptive".

Mr Bowles added: 'We will see temperatures starting to drop on Friday, and Monday is expected to be cold, but with slightly less snow.

"It is going to be a cold spell - there is a chance some places on Sunday may struggle to get above it is going to be cold, but we are not talking anywhere near what we had the weekend before last", Maxey said.