YouTube Apps For iOS And Android Get Dark Mode


According to YouTube, the request for a dark theme was one of the "top requested features on mobile". The company added the feature to the desktop version of YouTube a year ago and has been met with much demand from consumers to implement the same feature in the mobile apps. Lo and behold, YouTube for Android and iOS is finally gaining the elusive dark mode, reports The Verge.

The new Dark Theme for YouTube on iOS is rolling out today and we can confirm it's live in Canada.

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Google is adding an option for users to toggle the overwhelming white YouTube app dark with an update rolling out today. The company did not set a firm date for Android devices to get the new dark theme. To access it, you simply head to your account icon, hitting settings, and look for a setting called "Dark theme".

If you're a regular YouTube viewer, you've probably already heard of the platform's "Dark Mode" functionality. Offering a dark theme on YouTube also makes sense from an aesthetic perspective because it gives the app a more cinematic feel. That list includes Twitter and third-party Twitter clients, Reddit and third-party Reddit clients, Feedly, Pocket Casts, and more.