WH: Trump-Kim Meeting a Go If NKorea Sticks to Promises Made


At the very least, Ivanka Trump's attendance must have provided Moon with a direct communication channel to President Trump. In that time, they say, North Korea could add to its nuclear weapons stockpile.

"Most of that is an inter-administration, interagency process and I'm not going to get ahead of any of the details of the where, the when, or any of that here today", she said, responding to a series of questions on the meeting between the two leaders.

Both countries have worldwide reputations as mediators, and both played a role as members of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission helping to regulate relations between the two Koreas after the 1953 armistice that paused - but did not officially end - the Korean War.

The Vietnamese version of the 2011 South Korean box office sensation "Sunny" topped the Southeast Asian country's box office in its opening weekend, the movie's overseas distributor said Tuesday.

Setting up the meeting between Kim Jong-un and Trump has been a remarkable achievement by Seoul.

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It notes that the date, exact location and other information have been removed from the video per the government's request. Unfortunately, we have no idea, because we aren't even seeking answers .

South Korea's spy chief has met with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono to brief on the results of his recent meetings with the leaders of the USA and North Korea. Kim is evidently willing to suspend nuclear and missile tests for now - a minimal, easily reversed concession, mostly likely made only to buy time to fit a nuclear warhead on an ICBM capable of reaching the U.S. Alarmed that the United States might conduct a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea, they used the Winter Olympics as a springboard to renew the inter-Korean dialogue, which has been largely dormant since the Sunshine Policy ended in 2008. Mr Pompeo said USA military exercises in the region would continue in the lead-up to the talks. "We've not heard anything directly back from North Korea but we expect to hear something directly from them", he said during a visit to Nigeria. In recent years, the North has repeatedly tested nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles which, it announced a few months ago, can now reach any city on the U.S. mainland. In an interview en route to the Middle East, Defence Secretary Jim Mattis declined to discuss the timing and scale of the exercises. Last year, Hirono wrote to Trump to urge him to fill the ambassadorship, and several other positions that are critical to finding a diplomatic solution to de-escalate tensions with North Korea.

"The offer was made and we've accepted".

Kono told Suh that he was grateful for Seoul's efforts that brought a turnaround in the tense situation, the spokesman said in a statement.

He met Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Kono on Monday and said after those talks Japan and South Korea had agreed to keep up maximum pressure on North Korea to force it to abandon its nuclear and missile ambitions.