Final Fantasy VII Remake Levels Aimed To Meet Fans' Expectations


Square Enix has revealed that Vayne Solidor, the main villain from Final Fantasy XII, will be joining the playable roster in April. The recruitment message has info on its requirements and a progress update on the game's development.

Enjoy flexibility with discretionary work system and good benefits.

According to publication site Gematsu we learn that a level planner job has surfaced at the development studio, which happens to be for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It's also worth noting that the game still seems a long way off.

A job listing (via Gematsu) on the company's website (yes, they're still hiring for the game almost three years on from its reveal) claims however that the team 'should aim for even higher quality in order to meet the expectations of fans'.

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As the level planner, you'll organize the workflow of location development, brainstorm level designs for each location, and implement data using Unreal Engine 4.

Square Enix says that a level planner isn't the only role it hopes to bolster, and that it will continue hiring and recruiting new talent to make FFVII: Remake the best it can be.

Lastly, Square Enix mentions that those who aren't familiar with Final Fantasy VII are welcomed.

Remember that Final Fantasy VII: Remake is an episodic, multi-volume game so there's no guarantee whether or not the first installment is finished, and if the team is expanding to help build the other portions of the game.