New Overwatch hero looks like one of our heroes, says Paladins maker


Comprising her healing abilities, Brigitte can heal allies by dropping a Repair Pack.

Rocket Flail - Melee weapon with extended range.

As Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan explains, Brigitte is a Support class hero but also has elements of a Tank.

The early indication from Overwatch players is that Brigitte could be a particularly disruptive force.

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Brigitte is available for PC players to test out on Overwatch's public test region and will be become available for all to take into battle on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One at a later date as part of a free update. When entering the fray, Barrier Shield provides personal defence while she attacks enemies with Shield Bash.

Quick poll: If I happened to notice and point out any similarities between these two characters, would that make me the Pot calling the Kettle black, or the Kettle calling the Pot black?

Brigitte is now listed as only having a one star difficulty rating, so she appears easy enough to get to grips with in using to protect the rest of the team. There's never enough people willing to play support heroes, because it's fundamentally more fun to shoot other people in the head than it is to left-click on a healing stream all game. Players are finding that she impacts Winston's mobility especially and some are suggesting that the new meta will be picking three tanks and three supports. "Brigitte's ultimate ability, Rally, gives her a substantial short-term boost of speed and provides long-lasting armour to all her nearby allies". Using it, you can extend your flail an insane 20 meters and knock an enemy back. However, we'll have to play her ourselves before concluding if that is the case. Another of her abilities, Inspire, allows her to heal nearby allies when she hits enemies with her flail. Brigitte's is targeted similar to Zenyatta's but heals in one large hit rather than over time and has a cooldown. Fortunately, Brigitte is now available on the Overwatch PTR servers.