Head of 'troll farm' controlled Russian mercenaries in Syria


Russian Federation has reportedly sent two of its most advanced and sophisticated fighter jets to Syria, where its air force has been backing up the national army's ground operation against terrorist groups.

The Russian military officers contacted did not try to stop the US airstrikes, probably, Palmer says, because they resent the mercenaries freelancing to enrich a Kremlin-backed oligarch on an already complex battlefield - where mistakes like this risk risky escalation.

On Thursday, Gen Mike Holmes, Air Combat Command commander, said he was unaware of reports surrounding the Su-57 in Syria, but added the situation in Syria grows more complex by the day.

"The coalition remains focused on the enduring defeat" of the Islamic State, he added. Russia's Su-57 is a stealth fighter plane that has become much awaited ever since it made its maiden flight in December previous year.

Primakov himself became a victim in 1999, when he was seen as a credible electoral challenger to Putin, who was then prime minister and preparing to run for president for the first time.

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But, I do not want anybody to get even a shadow of adversity or injustice onto the people just due to their association with me. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which supervises lenders, has moved to tighten regulations in the wake of the alleged fraud.

The deployment comes on the heels of the United States employing its most advanced fighter jet, the F-22 stealth fighter, in strikes against targets in Syria after a February 7 attack against US-backed forces by pro-Syrian government troops that also included Russian mercenaries.

The wealthy businessman who allegedly tried to influence the US election with a "troll farm" in St. Petersburg is also behind Russian mercenaries in Syria, according to USA intelligence reports. Russian pilots have not exactly been saluted for their discipline and professionalism in recent encounters. The Su-35, a modernized version of the 1980s-era Su-27 Flanker, is a highly effective aircraft but lacks stealth and is not a fifth generation fighter.

It's not surprising the Russian air force may want to step up its tactics and procedures in a war environment.

Two Russian stealth jets were filmed by an Israeli satellite in a Syrian air base. Raptors and Su-57s could soon fly the same airspace and be involved in the same incidents. Nikolai Antoshkin implied that the United States is already scaling back F-22 flights in Syria because the American military is anxious about provoking a confrontation with the Russian stealth fighter.

The sophisticated military aircraft have stealth capabilities and are specifically designed for attacking roles.