Elon Musk tweets video of SpaceX's first broadband satellites in space


"Mr Steven", a custom-built recovery ship, is equipped with a large net to capture Falcon 9 payload nose cone panels as they return to Earth under wing-like parafoils after they are discarded during launch.

Elon Musk - SpaceX CEOWhen is the launch? Musk likewise tweeted that the satellites "will endeavour to bar "hi world"... when they go close LA" on Friday morning. The satellites will test out the technology the company plans to use for its internet service, according to public filings. SpaceX ultimately intends to put about 12,000 broadband satellites in low Earth orbit, and Sunday's payload will mark the company's first attempt at realizing the dream.

By 2017, SpaceX had submitted regulatory filings to launch a total of almost 12,000 satellites to orbit by the mid-2020s. "Should be able to catch it with slightly bigger chutes to slow down descent", Musk tweeted. This part experts were going to reuse in the future run, because the navigation mechanism and the mathematical analysis was carried out carefully. Chances are thin, because the seawater might harm the fairing without proper shielding, notes The Verge.

These fairings were separated from the rocket about three minutes after launch.

The company did, however, attempt to recover at least one of the nose cone panels that protected the satellite payload during the early moments of the flight.

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Usually, companies do not bother about the fairings, but Elon Musk has always been interested in finding a way to save the hardware. "Would you try to recover that? Yes". These experimental cubesats, if they perform as expected, will lead to the launch of SpaceX's Starlink constellation, which will provide broadband internet to even the most remote regions of the planet.

What do you think about today's SpaceX launch and Mr. Steven's attempt at playing catch?

The launch pad roared back to life in December, when it hosted a SpaceX mission that sent 4,800 pounds of cargo to the International Space Station.

However, Paz was not riding alone on the recycled Falcon 9. Its goal s to generate high-resolution images of the Earth's surface, regardless of whether there are clouds covering the ground. It would offer day and night, all weather imaging capabilities for Hisdesat's customer, Spain's Ministry of Defense.

"Now targeting launch of PAZ for February 22 at 6:17 am".