DPH: 20 More Connecticut Flu Deaths


Twenty-seven people died from the flu between February 11 and February 17, bringing the total number of flu deaths in the state to 200, according to data released by health officials on Thursday. That's down about 500 cases the previous week.

DPH said the strain on hospitals remains high with more than 14 percent of all emergency room visits being attributed to flu-like symptoms, the highest seen since the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

Numbers released today show the total number of deaths due to the flu this season now stands at 97.

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This year's flu season ranks among the most severe in recent years. "This is the deadliest season since 2009 when flu became a reportable disease to the State", Pino said.

The nasal mist was popular several years ago, especially among children who don't like needles.

Experts who have studied the nasal mist vaccine with children ages 2 to 4 found that the 2017-2018 vaccine "performed significantly better" than the 2015-2016 vaccine.