'The Flash': Candice Patton Suits Up As Superhero For The First Time


One assumes, given the general direction of The Flash this season, that it will be more of an object lesson for Barry on how hard Iris's job is than the other way around. You can check out the photo and synopsis below.

Aptly titled "Run, Iris, Run", (an obvious play on "run, Barry, run") the episode slated to air on March 13 will see Iris inherit Barry's (Grant Gustin) speedy superpowers during a battle with a new bus meta going by the name of Matthew/Melting Pot (Leonardo Nam), who has the power of swapping people's DNA. With a new threat unleashed on Central City, Iris must take on Barry's role of superhero speedster to defeat the new foe, with Barry acting as team leader while his wife's out saving the day. We like to think that everyone loves to be a superhero every now and then; she was already doing heroic stuff, but now she gets to embrace having powers and the like in the same way many others do. Harry Jierjian directed the episode written by Eric Wallace (#416). Despite its unique color scheme, her costume appears to have more in common with Jesse Quick's outfit than Barry's traditional scarlet ensemble. Iris is now The Flash and Barry is the team leader. Since he returned from the Speed Force, Barry has struggled to see eye-to-eye with Iris, and the two event went so far as to attend couples therapy over it.

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As EW previously teased, Iris (Candice Patton) will be temporarily suiting up on The Flash - and now we know why! I want it, I want it, I want it!

Candice Patton has made our Thursday so much better with the first look of Iris West-Allen in her super suit for The Flash!