President Trump explains why he won't declassify Democrats' memo


The Republican memo portrays the Russian Federation investigation as a product of political bias at the FBI and Justice Department against Mr Trump.

Democrats, of course, are outraged.

The memo's release would have capped off a week in which Republicans and Democrats on the committee have publicly fought, with the panel now erecting a wall to separate feuding Republican and Democratic staff members who had long sat side by side.

Democrats on the intelligence committee complained theat the Republicans' four-page memo cherry-picked facts and explained events out of context and was thus not accurate.

"The President is inclined to declassify the memo", she said on ABC's "This Week", claiming that as written, it reveals intelligence sources and methods while the Republican document did not. The Democrats' memo is a rebuttal to the GOP memo about surveillance of a former Trump campaign official is expected to be released soon. The Democratic memo was drawn from the same underlying documents as the Republican one.

Trump's refusal to approve the Democrats' memo conflicts with the White House's previous position on the Republican memo.

The Democratic counter-memo deserves to be read by Americans, "once the necessary redactions have been made", says Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.

Earlier this week, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the Democratic memo.

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On Friday, White House spokesman Raj Shah said Trump discussed the Democratic document with the White House counsel's office, FBI Director Christopher Wray and another top Justice Department official.

And even before all of that - and before he had even reviewed the memo - President Donald Trump and the White House made clear they would release the GOP memo. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said, "Millions of Americans are asking one simple question: what is he hiding?"

Congress could vote to overrule the president's decision, but such a move appears unlikely.

Adam Schiff's comments gave Trump a taste of his potential future.

However, the White House yesterday confirmed that President Trump will not declassify the document in its current form.

Both memos center on an application under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for a warrant to spy on Page. In fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigation didn't tell the FISA court anything about Steele's obsessive determination to block Donald Trump from becoming president, nor did the Federal Bureau of Investigation tell the court that Steele's "research" was funded entirely-not "in part"-by the Clinton campaign and the DNC". But Nunes said the disclosure still fell short.

Democrats said that memo mischaracterised sensitive information and was meant to discredit Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of potential collusion between Mr Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian Federation. "The White House ignored their concerns and approved the publication of the Republican memo with no redactions even though the action was described by the agencies as extraordinarily reckless and omitting material facts".

"Refusal to release Democratic response to #NunesMemo - evidence of obstruction of justice by Donald Trump happening in real time", Blumenthal tweeted. Indeed, government officials are explicitly prohibited from preventing the release of a document under the guise of "classified information" because they believe it is politically biased or may embarrass the government. "This is an American disgrace!" the president tweeted February 3, one day after the Nunes memo was released.