Moon meets Kim's sister inside Blue House


One man held up a sign that read, "The peace of all mankind". Considering this, would it kill the United States to ease off on some of our sanctions, with the promise of further relaxing them if North Korea continues to soften its hard-line stance? Dropped from balloons, these fliers show two cartoony mascots that stand under Olympic rings.

Guterres was also in "the same general area" as a number of other North Korean officials including Kim Yo Jong "but they were never in any personal contact with each other", Haq said.

After Kim Jong Un offered an olive branch in his New Year speech, the art troupe, athletes and others were dispatched as part of Pyongyang's efforts to improve inter-Korea ties amid tightening sanctions aimed at stifling its nuclear and missile programs.

The meeting followed a brief encounter between the two parties at the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday, in which Moon twice shook hands with Yo-jong. It was found in Seoul.

Kim Yo Jong, 30, was elected to the politburo past year, but remains little known outside North Korea and has not appeared much in public until now.

North Korea also practices an extreme form of discipline called "three generations of punishment".

"This is the first time Mike Pence has been accused of being a snob", said an aide to the vice president, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the North Korean reports. This prospect is made even more hard with the U.S.

Officials traveling with Pence said it would be fair to characterize his failure to interact with the North Koreans as a mutual decision, with neither side making any public overtures.

She was the first member of North Korea's ruling family to visit the South, while Kim Yong Nam was the most senior North Korean official to make a cross-border trip.

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Security for anything involving the North Koreans has been exceptionally tight. Some 100 North Korean cheerleaders were on hand, decked in red track suits, leading chants for the spectators and singing North Korean pop songs. The rhetoric war between North Korea and the Trump administration hasn't skipped a beat in Pyeongchang. The parade could take place on July 4th.

In 1999, US Defense Secretary William Perry launched the "Perry Process" to freeze North Korea's missile development in exchange for normalizing diplomatic relations.

Vice President Mike Pence was at pains to insist that Washington and Seoul were on the same page as he returned to Washington from leading the USA delegation to the Olympics.

The visual was important, a United States official said.

The invitation was verbally delivered by Kim's sister, Kim Yo Jong, during a meeting today (Saturday) at Moon's presidential compound in Seoul a day after the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

"I felt a little odd to see North Koreans so close", he said.

He added: "As President Trump has said, the cruel dictatorship of North Korea is little more than a prison state. I wanted to show that South Korea is a small but strong country".

"An early resumption of dialogue between the USA and the North is needed also for the development of the South-North Korean relationship", he said, according to his spokesman. That, predictably, was the image that North Korea's main newspaper put on its front pages. "She is the person he trusts more than anyone else in the regime", said Ken Gause, North Korean leadership expert. But North Korea's record on human rights and the growing threat from its nuclear weapons program appeared out of mind. Dialogue was rejected and peace became a more distant prospect.