Apple HomePod: 3 business uses for the smart speaker


Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced HomePod last June at WWDC 2017, saving it for the traditionally important "one last thing" slot at the end of his speech. With a well-designed woofer and dynamic processing, the device delivers quality sound and is more than up to such rigors. Siri also pulls up whatever other information on businesses and such, including opening hours and how many stars it has on Yelp. The sound quality is tops and design is attractive, but with a heftier price tag, lack of partnerships with companies like Spotify and Uber, and Siri's inability to be truly useful right now, it's more of an Apple aspiration than a product ready for the prime time.

The Sonos One doesn't sound as good as HomePod either. In particular, those who already own Android devices will definitely benefit from the Google Assistant, and the ability to collaborate with other Android-driven hardware. Alert Siri and let the HomePod do the work.

"It is primarily created to listen to music, and more specifically it is optimised for Apple Music". And Google's speaker incorporates a machine learning-fueled feature called Smart Sound, which Google says dynamically tunes the audio to its new environment within seconds, similar to Apple's spatial awareness feature. Because it analyzes surrounding acoustics and makes adjustments based on location, you'll be hard pressed to find a spot in a room, even one that's pretty open, where solid quality is lacking.

The speaker system in the HomePod is impressive, but you can get better for $350.

Using a seven-tweeter array coupled with a six-microphone sensor, HomePod's digital audio processor will analyse the room around it and "shape" the sound accordingly, resulting in a "room-filling" audio experience.

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When Siri isn't playing Apple Music mixologist, the virtual assistant can also answer questions. "HomePod makes the Amazon Echo and Google's Home sound muffled and tinny in comparison", said The New York Times's Brian X. Chen.

When it comes to music, Google, and for that matter Amazon, can help you play a song in which you can't recall the title and only remember a few lyrics.

"The HomePod sounds great but on the surface, it's debatable whether it's great enough to justify the limitations of its smart features when compared purely on those merits and not as a component of the Apple ecosystem".

You can play podcasts and Apple's Beats 1 radio or listen to news from a variety of sources (NPR, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, Fox News, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, NBC, BBC), too. But while Apple stores may be in short supply of the speaker, you're likely to have more luck at the many third-party retailers also offering the curvy speaker. "That is not the case right now", said USA Today's Edward C. Baig. Until now, Google Home Max was the sweetest sounding smart speaker I've listened to.

Time: "With the HomePod, the company will have to prove that it can compete in a game for which somebody else wrote the rules". It's also possible to call on Siri by holding down the middle section of the touchscreen.