United States warns against falling for N. Korea's charm offensive


American Vice President Mike Pence, who also visited South Korea for the Olympic Games, notably avoided any interaction with the North Korean emissary whatsoever, opting not to participate in the good-will applause and similar gestures directed toward the sister of the ruler Pence referred to as "the most tyrannical" on Earth. Although Kim Jong Un's artillery has long kept South Korea's capital city of Seoul in their sights, it's clear that Kim's nuclear ambitions have been conducted throughout with the united States in their cross hairs. If North Korea won't show real flexibility, the Trump administration will be off the hook and Moon's diplomatic gambit will have failed.

The combined team must field at least three North Korean players each game out of a total of 22, according to an agreement with the International Olympic Committee.

Pence's staff insists the vice president would have met with the North Korean officials if the North Korean officials were interested in meeting. "They have family back home; they know if they defect, their family will be terrified and punished", says Han Seo-hee, a North Korean cheerleader who defected to South Korea in 2006. At Friday's opening ceremony, for example, Moon shook hands with Jong, as Pence, sitting merely feet away, looked stone faced, never acknowledging the North Korean delegation. He insisted on Saturday that the U.S., South Korea and Japan were united in their goal of isolating North Korea over the country's nuclear weapons program.

Moon also urged North Korea to talk to the United States, his office said.

In stark contrast, two kinds of kimchi - the fermented cabbage that features in every Korean meal - were on the menu for the delegation's lunch with Moon at the Blue House on Saturday, one mild Northern style version and a spicier Southern recipe, along with soju, the traditional Korean rice liquor.

The invite came as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's younger sister visited the Winter Olympics, where today a joint Korean Ice Hockey team turned out. "But what is more important than anything is that we are together".

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Bloomberg reported that Pence made a five-minute appearance at a Friday night reception held by Moon, and didn't speak to North Korea's ceremonial head of state at the Winter Games, Kim Yong Nam, who was supposed to be seated at the same table as Pence.

"And Dennis Rodman has confirmed this and he's met both of them personally", he added, referring to the former National Basketball Association star who has met with Kim several times. Of course, if North Korea moves forward with new provocations - such as missile or nuclear tests - all bets are off.

US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leadership traded insults and threats of nuclear war as tensions rose, with Trump repeatedly dismissing the prospect or value of talks with North Korea. He said they had.

Some analysts were skeptical of that prospect.

Alan sported Trump's trademark orange tan, red US hat, white shirt and red tie, while the Kim impersonator had his hair slicked back with his own signature hairstyle and wearing a black coat. "With his summit proposal, he seeks to incite friction between Seoul and Washington by widening their policy gap".