LEAKED: Samsung Dex Pad will launch with the Galaxy S9 Smartphone


Those of you who already own a DeX dock for one of your Samsung devices is well acquainted with the goal of the accessory, as it allows you to essentially put Android in a desktop environment.

In other words, however you like to wrap up your phone, you'll be well covered by the official case offerings that Samsung has got lined up, not to mention all the third-party options that other case makers will no doubt be launching soon. Now we have our first look at the DeX Pad, and while it's not a looker, its objective is to turn your Galaxy phone into a touchpad. If anything, it at least looks better than the first DeX dock (in my humble opinion, of course), so it has that going for it. It basically looks like a portable battery bank with a couple more extrusions and holes.

Hyperknit is apparently a woven fabric similar to that used in sports clothing, so if you ever wanted to kit out your phone like an athlete, you'll soon get a chance. The Type-C connector and open design ensures compatibility with all Samsung flagships from the Galaxy S8 onward. As we can see, the Galaxy S9 can be placed horizontally on the new cradle, so users can still use the screen of the machine without any difficulty.

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In addition, the Samsung DeX Pad is also compatible with some older Galaxy phones (Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8), so you do not have to buy the Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus to use this product.

Overall the design appears to be the same as the previous generation, but significantly improved internals including the Snapdragon 845 for the USA and Exynos 9810 for the EU.