Vonn opens up, will ski for more than herself in Pyeongchang


Thirty hours later, Lindsey Vonn is in Pyeongchang. She was married and divorced.

It could prove to be an invaluable ski out, with weather conditions threatening Saturday's third training and a potential rescheduling of Sunday's actual downhill race, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

This is Vonn's fourth Olympics. (Shiffrin has not committed to exactly which races she will enter.) The individual events end with the women's combined, in which she would ski both slalom and downhill. Everyone loved her at first, but then... She is friends with fashion designers. "So I figured I'd need her for the most important event".

In an emotional media conference, Vonn spoke passionately about her late grandfather and revealed how having Lucy in tow can help to combat the solitude of long stays away from home. She miraculously came back from that terrible injury, proving why she's the greatest women's speed skier of all time.

"I want so badly to do well for him, and I miss him so much", Vonn said of her paternal grandfather, who died in November. The holdup was a lack of documentation - for the Lufthansa plane, not the 2010 downhill gold medalist, her dog Lucy or anyone else.

Outside of her Olympic career, she has been nothing short of spectacular.

This is the 22-year-old's second olympics, but she started skiing young.

But the Olympics are nothing if not a vehicle for stories of personal struggle and heartache.

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A massive military parade in Pyongyang on the eve of the just-opened Pyeongchang Games has been used as Exhibit A by skeptics. Even if there are more meetings between the rivals after the Games, accomplishing something is another matter.

"I just try to keep telling myself that when I feel like people are talking about me, and I just want them to stop", Shiffrin said.

"I've been waiting a very long time for these Olympics. I'm going to win for him".

Those sentences read smoothly, and the sentiments are real.

She was in the middle of her race when she lost her balance, and ended up losing one of her ski's.

It was Kildow who first taught her to ski, and she had planned to bring him to South Korea for these Olympics. "We made it! It took exactly 24 hours... but we are here!"

The world learned about all of this from Lindsey Vonn herself on, where else, Twitter.

Denied her presence in Sochi four years ago through injury, the organisers gave her star billing here in a packed session that justified the indulgence. Here, Vonn recounts how she recovered, physically and mentally, to come back stronger than ever.

"If everyone was in my head, it would be the most epic, inspirational movie ever", Shiffrin said.