Telescope spots SpaceX Tesla Roadster in flight


The company, headed by Elon Musk, launched a cherry red Tesla roadster into space this week, and as part of the launch they published a live video feed from the vehicle as it slowly drifted away from Earth. And we can't stop watching it!

The worlds most powerful rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center this week in a stunning, historic flight that all but promises to change the face of space exploration. The companys reusable boosters, lower prices and ambitions for deep space have helped stoke new interest in human flight far beyond low-Earth orbit, and reawakened the global spirit for interplanetary travel.

The Tesla Roadster was seen as a moving object in four separate observations. The images were captured by Tenagra Observatories in Arizona.

In an online post, Musk said the Roadster was heading to Mars, and then the asteroid belt.

The statement goes on to say that Masi and Schwartz were able to pinpoint the the car's location by using data generated by the Solar Systems Dynamics Laboratory at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

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Elon Musk posted it, showing their "Starman" wearing a SpaceX astronaut suit, while sitting in the cherry red electric vehicle.

The planned trajectory would have put the Tesla out to the distance of Mars' orbit.

And, most importantly, the names of more than 6,000 SpaceX employees, etched on a plaque on the attachment fitting between the Falcon Heavy upper stage and the Tesla.

Regardless of intention, the Roadster has inspired millions of people to look up.