Rand Paul: I'm Not 'Rubber Stamp' on Spending Bill


"I don't know why we are basically burning time here", Mr Cornyn said.

After signing the plan, President Trump took to Twitter to boast about the military spending increases and exclusion of DACA protections while stating more Republicans were needed in Congress and lamenting the increase in spending on things "we do not like or need".

He calls the spending plan a "BIG VICTORY for our Military, but much waste in order to get Dem votes".

Two things: Congress can always push the deadline back by quickly passing a short funding bill; if everyone wants to do that, it can be done in nearly no time at all, and it can be of any length they want from hours to months.

A group of House conservatives are opposed to the bill, citing similar concerns to Paul's about growing the deficit.

Paul defended his stance on Fox News on Thursday evening, calling the proposal "a rotten deal" over what he considered excessive spending.

"Fortunately, DACA not included in this Bill, negotiations to start now!"

Mr Paul objected to each request, all but assuring non-essential government operations will halt early Friday.

Paul, a budget hawk from Kentucky, defended his one-man protest, arguing that the fresh commitments to extra spending in the Bill were reckless. Years of defense spending cuts under President Obama have significantly hurt the readiness of our forces and affected the training, equipment and morale of our men and women who wear the uniform. It also puts $90 billion more toward for disaster relief, $6 billion to combat the opioid epidemic, extends funding for community health centers for two years and includes $20 billion for infrastructure projects.

The temporary spending bill under consideration incorporates the major budget deal struck Wednesday between Senate leaders on both sides of the political aisle.

Mattis: Immigrant service members won't face deportation
Several DACA recipients enlisted in the military told BuzzFeed News they were skeptical of Mattis' vow to protect them. Mattis added that he does not know of any cases in which a service member has been ordered to leave the country.

The budget agreement would raise spending limits allowable under the Budget Control Act to cap discretionary military spending at $700 billion for fiscal year 2018 and $716 billion in fiscal 2019.

Many Democrats support the budget deal, but were unhappy with the compromise because it doesn't tackle immigration - specifically addressing the plight of DREAMers, including the roughly 700,000 immigrants who are in the US illegally after being brought to the country as children and who are enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which is set to expire on March 5.

The 71-28 vote on the $320 billion package that would reopen the government through March 23 sends the measure to the House, where the prospects are believed to be more precarious.

Facing tightening numbers for Thursday's vote, Ryan said he was prepared to address the immigration issue head on.

Despite simmering rebellion among Republicans and Democrats over a bipartisan budget agreement struck on Wednesday to end the logjam, the Senate had been aiming to vote on the deal later Thursday before sending it to the House.

Rand Paul, who took to the Senate floor to express his dissent to the budget plan while demanding a vote on an amendment to it that kept the strict spending caps in place.

"We have a moral responsibility to protect Dreamers, who are the pride of our nation and are American in every way but on paper", she said. The Trump administration announced last September that it was ending the program. Then, the president still has to sign any bill.

Republicans were sheepish about the bushels of dollars for Democratic priorities and the return next year of $1 trillion-plus deficits. Many other House Democrats are expected to follow suit.

It was unclear which agencies would close on Friday if the shutdown continued into the working day.

"Give us a chance to allay the fear that is in the hearts of these Dreamers and their families, and remove the tears from the Statue of Liberty observing what is happening here", she said.