Latest VLC Player 3.0 update brings support for Chromecast


This latest major update is rolling out accross all platforms where VLC is available, and it also shares the same version number and code base, VideoLAN President Jean-Baptiste Kempf told VentureBeat. However, the Chromecast support will only be available on Android and Chromebooks for now, while the feature is in its beta mode.

VLC 3.0 is also now network-enabled. Selecting the device will stream the file. If you select Renderer, you'll see your Chromecast device (s) listed.

Supports 360-degree video and 3D audio, up to thid order Ambisonics, with customizable HRTF.

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The VLC team has also expounded why Chromecast support has taken so long -it's because they don't use Google Play Services, instead choosing to build their own Chromecast stack support. The software has also been optimized for iPhone X. The new version of the popular video playback software now supports even more video formats and includes hardware acceleration support for high-end video formats, including 4K video with HDR color and 8K video feeds. VLC can convert any video file into a format that the Chromecast device can read.

Adds support for numerous new formats and codecs, including WebVTT, TTML, HQX, CEA-708, Cineform, and many more. VLC 3.0 can be downloaded and run on Windows machines still running Windows XP, Android devices on Gingerbread 2.3, and iOS devices on iOS 7. For all but the last of those, it's now available to download for free.

You can also download a few quid to the voluntary group who's been striving to bring this update to you for the last few years. The Android Auto interface is simplified, and you can ask it to "play Daft Punk (with VLC)" and Assistant will load it up.