New poll shows Trump with historically low approval rating


Trump's policies on the Middle East have been more pro-Israeli than that of the previous, more cautious USA leadership, with Trump appointing a pro-Israeli hardliner, David Friedman, as the ambassador to Tel Aviv.

In the history of the NBC/WSJ poll, Trump has scored the lowest first-year approval rating out of any modern president.

Asked about the president's accomplishments during his first year in office, 20 percent said the state of the economy and low unemployment was Trump's greatest success, followed by "putting America first", which was the choice of 13 percent of respondents.

Germany has replaced the the top-rated global power in the world, at 41 per cent according to Gallup.

But though his overall approval rating has slipped, Trump's core base hasn't swayed in their support.

A new Gallup poll testing worldwide confidence in the leaders of global powers reveals that "median approval of USA leadership across 134 countries and areas stands at a new low of 30 percent", down from 48 percent in 2016. Worldwide, a median 43 percent disapprove of USA leadership - more than the median disapproval for Germany (25 percent), China (30 percent) or Russian Federation (36 percent).

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The approval of USA leadership in the world has sunk to a new low, with some of the biggest losses being in countries traditionally perceived as the closest U.S. allies, a Gallup poll found.

It was up in Israel, Poland, Slovakia, Belarus, Liberia, Lebanon, Iraq, and in perennial US rival Russian Federation, where approval of USA leadership registered only eight per cent, despite the increase. Gallup gave a margin of error across the total sample of 2 to 5.1 percentage points. Many Latin Americans have not made up their minds about Chinese influence.

According to the survey, 53 percent of women think the president is not mentally stable compared to 39 percent who say he is.

"So [Trump's] got a little room to drop", Kimball said. "These numbers will make it harder for those leaders to publicly cooperate with the Trump administration - even when it might be in their interest to do so". "But most important the language and style coming from (Trump) don't match up to Canadian values".

"It is hard to interpret this polling result as anything other than a visceral reaction to Donald Trump".