Gallup Poll: Global leaders rate U.S. leadership lower under Trump


"He has lower ratings at the one-year mark than past presidents - 58 percent now disapprove", the CBS News poll found.

Writing for Sky News, Zogby noted that Trump won the 2016 White House race with a paltry 46 percent of the popular vote, and after his first year his job approval average has slid by seven points. African countries, as a whole, actually hold US leadership in higher regard than any other region, with a 51 percent approval rating, down just two percentage points from 2016.

"Regionally, the image of USA leadership suffered most in the Americas, where approval ratings dropped to a new low", Gallup found. The United States was one point behind China and only three points ahead of Russia's approval rating.

The polling and research organization concluded, "It is clear that based on the trajectory of what the world thinks of the US, numerous USA alliances and partnerships that the Trump administration considers a "great strength" are potentially at risk".

The number of Canadian respondents who said they approved of the job performance of the U.S. leadership dropped 40 per cent in one year, followed by slightly less dramatic dips in Panama and Costa Rica, with the other U.S. NAFTA neighbour, Mexico, showing a decline of 28 per cent. Disapproval of US leadership rose to a median of 43 percent, up 15 percentage points from 2016, which was also a record, according to Gallup. Only a median 24 percent approved of USA leadership, while a whopping 58 percent disapproved USA leadership.

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The President has pushed back against reports that he called African nations "shithole countries" during immigration negotiations last week in the Oval Office, saying "I am not a racist" over the weekend and adding he is "the least racist person you have ever interviewed". (Take Trump's name out of the poll question and almost 7-in-10 Americans say the economy is in good shape.) Trump also got more positive reviews than negatives ones for nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and progress on the war against ISIS.

And disapproval of USA leadership climbed. Trump's approval rating has remained consistently locked in around 37 percent - plus or minus depending on which way the wind is blowing - for the last nine months, according to weekly numbers from Gallup. In 2016, 44 percent of Europeans approved of US leadership.

Gallup said that Portugal, Belgium, Norway and Canada led in the largest declines in their views of the US president - dropping 40 points or more each.

If the US was a domestic political candidate, this sudden dive "under water" in approval ratios would be alarming.

Overall, only 30 percent in Asia approved of U.S. leadership while 32 percent approved of China's leadership.