Despite the poor polls, Donald Trump could still triumph in 2020


This tweet came by as a retort for the Michael Wolff's political book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump Administration where the author claimed that Trump does not understand the magnitude of his work and that he is unfit to be the President.

"Washington is aghast over the news that, during a closed-door meeting with congressional leaders, President Donald Trump asked if we could exclude immigrants from "----" countries such as Haiti and the nations of Africa. They will not mention that many economists credit the unemployment and job growth trends to developments already underway during the eight-year recovery of the Obama presidency.

May invited Trump for a state visit when she became the first world leader to visit the US President in the White House a year ago. Indeed, President Trump's hunger for applause from his base at rallies or on FOX News has led him to pander persistently to that far right minority while thumbing his nose at the rest of us. A million strong, out there to celebrate the president's first kick- year in office. Can Trump ever rise to Obama's high levels?

What Durbin should have said was: "What is said between the president of the United States and the second-ranking Senate Democrat during a closed-door negotiation stays behind closed doors".

As for the other Bush, this one-term president's net approval rating was nearly as high as his son's, standing at 67.2% one-year in.

Bryant runs over a few "Schumer Shutdown" talking points before giving the stage to Dr. Ronny Jackson (Beck Bennett) to deliver the president's "unbiased, 100% accurate health assessment", rife with words like "young", "svelte", and "gorgeous", which, of course, are unbiased and one-hundred percent accurate.

Lavrov: Russia to make considerable efforts to preserve Iran nuclear deal
Graham also relayed a conversation he had with Trump (The Today Show): "If thousands die, they're going to die over there". Since 2006 the UN Security Council has adopted 10 resolutions, four of them a year ago alone, to ratchet up the pressure .

Like Bush senior, Carter was a one-term president, however, his time in power was a stand-alone term surrounded by Republican wins while Bush's was essentially Reagan's third term in power as he was previously the former's VP.

Nixon's successor became president in very unusual circumstances having never been elected to the office of VP before taking over. However, despite the unusual circumstances of his presidency, Ford had a positive score of +4.9%. There have been only four occasions when a winning presidential candidate lost the popular vote, as Trump did in 2016 to Hillary Clinton.

First, and perhaps most apparent, is the impact of the President's bombastic rhetoric and cavalier attitude toward nuclear weapons and the use of force.

In May, 10 Republican governors met at Trump National Doral for a Governors Association event and Florida Governor Rick Scott shared meals with the president on his properties at least three times.

"Jackson said that Trump-6'3" and 239 pounds, three pounds heavier than his last physical-on a day-to-day basis does not have a "dedicated, defined exercise program".