LG V30+ with improved AI heading to MWC?


Phones like the LG G6 didn't bolster the company's bottom line, and there are signs that a change in strategy is underway. As you might know, LG typically uses the floor at MWC Barcelona to announce the latest member of its flagship G series.

A G7 may or may not be in the pipeline, scheduled for a February, March or April launch, followed by a V40 or perhaps a new Icon in the fall, or whenever the time feels right to bring palpable upgrades to the table.

The V30 smartphone provides Google Assistant's Korean language service.

The probable reason behind launching an advanced model of LG V30 is that the company is now putting into practice its new strategy of retaining existing premium phones for longer period.

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The upgraded LG V30 will be called the "V30+'α'", according to the report, and it's "likely" to feature Google Assistant-based AI functions. "Mr. Seong-Jin at CES said at CES 2018 that the company needed a way to "[maintain] the existing platforms" longer.

Mobile World Congress 2018 kicks off next month, we are expecting to see a number of new smartphones at the event and now we have some details about a new LG V30 model which may debut at MWC. Moreover, there are also rumors that Jo Seong-Jin ordered his team to scratch the development of the G7 and start anew, which could very well push the announcement date for the new smartphone by a month or more.

An LG public relations official has been reached out for comment, and he confirmed that the South Korean tech giant would indeed present new features at MWC.