Prince William just shaved his head


Kate Middleton isn't the only royal turning heads! While some men will try to hold on to what little hair they may have left - think comb overs or straggled ponytails tied at the base of a run strip - getting rid of all of it is the best move.

Struggling to cover bald spots and the thinning at the top is not only a hassle but also never looks very good!

Prince William has shaved his head, suggesting he has finally embraced baldness.

His thinning hairline has always been the subject of ridicule by the media, but it appears that Prince William has finally embraced baldness.

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And while the new look is not too shocking, as it looks quite similar from the front, profile shots reveal the shorter and lighter-looking locks.

'I showed it to them, the princess said he should put it on his head, ' a farmer recalled.

No word yet on how Middleton feels about her husband's big haircut. While meeting hairdressers in September, William quipped, "I don't have much hair, I can't give you much business". "Then I said I watch him on television and he said "you should change the channel - it must be boring".

William's brother, Prince Harry, comes after all of William's children (and any possible future children) in the line of succession, meaning he is now fifth in line to the throne.