Disney & Twitch Team Up To Take on YouTube


The four creators are most widely known for their Youtube accounts where they post video game related content such as "let's play" videos - a video documenting the playthrough of a game - and various skits and vlogs. Premieres enables broadcasters to create a landing page for prerecorded videos as well as a countdown timer so viewers know when the show is going to start. Reruns act similar to archived videos, but are instead a scheduled showing that allows viewers to chat in real-time.

Today, Twitch announced today that four high profile gaming personalities will produce regular video content for the platform, as part of a multi-year deal. One of those new tools is Video Producer, an editing and publishing suite that will allow streamers to create "live viewing events for their communities with landing pages, countdowns and scheduling".

The announcement comes at a point when many in the YouTube community are on edge over the ongoing controversy of the handling of Logan Paul, whose video of a suicide victim brought a wave of negative press to the streaming platform.

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Most of these are already prominent streamers, however, the exclusive deal means that any content made for the liverstreaming service won't appear on their YouTube channels which each house more than 1 million subs at the minimum.

Twitch has rolled out a plethora of features in the last few months, such as software extensions and a native raid function, and today, it's launching its new Video Producer suite. Streamers with big worldwide audiences, for example, could set this up to make for a more interactive, post-stream watch.

It is worth noting that none of the content creators are prohibited from creating content for their existing YouTube channels under this new agreement. How about the new tools imbedded in Twitch for on-demand content?