One In Six Americans Own A Smart Speaker


In proportion to the availability of new skill sets, the sales of Amazon Echo have rocketed that in turn prompted Amazon to come up with a mini version a year ago, Amazon Echo Dot, to reach a wider audience.

When Amazon wanted to get its Echo product to a wider audience it chose to launch the Echo Dot; it wasn't a fully featured as the Echo but it did the job. Those in smart speaker households are also 3.3 times as likely to use home automation hubs, 2.2 times more likely to use connected thermostats, 1.9 times more likely to wear a smartwatch, 1.5 times more likely to own a media streaming device, and 1.4 times more likely to own a smart TV. It is to the Echo Show what the Dot is to the larger, cylindrical versions of the Alexa-containing smart device.

That figure makes the HomePod significantly more expensive than its £89 rival - the Amazon Echo.

Able to draw on Amazon AI Alexa's 10s of thousands of "skills" (apps), the Echo Spot looks very much like the best Echo to date.

The Echo Spot similarly has most of the features of its more expensive sibling, the £200 Echo Show, condensed into a smaller, cheaper package.

As Amzaon Echo had been cruising the unchartered waters of smartspeakers without any challenge or hindrance, Google came up with its own Google Home range that managed to somewhat narrow down the unassailable lead that the former used to enjoy. It features a 2.5in circular screen, which naturally shows you the time in its default mode as the clock-face, but it can also display other information too.

One in Six Americans Now Own a Smart Speaker
Not to be outdone by the Google Mini, Amazon slashed its prices on a vast range of Amazon devices, and it paid off. Amazon continues to be the top dog in this category: 11% of respondents own an Echo while 4% own a Google Home .

On the top is a little VGA camera, letting you call other owners of Echo devices (or your own Echo device in another room).

Alexa will be integrated in the infotainment systems of all BMW and Mini cars by mid-2018, bringing tens of thousands of Alexa skills to these vehicles.

Speech-recognition software converts the sound waves in a person's voice, captured by a microphone, into different vibration patterns.

Regardless of the technology's faults, Google announced just before CES that its Assistant is now available on more than 400 million devices including Google Home, Android phones and tablets, and even iPhones. In the end, we all win. Amazon hasn't revealed the specs for the Echo Spot's camera, but we've reached out for confirmation. Amazon is selling the Echo Spot for £119.99/$129.99.

People can use a speaker with Cortana for Skype calls and access to their Outlook work calendar, said Michael Mauser, president of lifestyle audio at JBL parent Harman Kardon, a Samsung Electronics subsidiary.