White House Scrubs Trump Confusing His Own Policy From Transcript


That Republican said there were several hang-ups in the meeting, including whether thousands of immigrants into the USA from countries that have suffered disasters, including El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti should continue to receive temporary protected status.

Later, The Washington Post's Ashley Parker observed that the official White House transcript of the exchange did not include his "Yeah, I would like to do it" line - how convenient. "So we'll be talking to the White House about that and I hope we can move forward with it, it's the only game in town".

DACA recipient Luis Serrano, a spokesman for the California Youth Immigrant Justice Alliance, said some Dreamers are more hopeful that others.

McCarthy's group includes the four No. 2 leaders in the House and Senate, which includes Durbin, House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Sen. Durbin is a member of the bipartisan group and an early proponent of legislation to shield those immigrants.

What Senate Democrats think: To be perfectly clear, the caucus isn't unified on this, but for the large majority of the caucus, this isn't a bluff.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican in the six-member negotiating group, said members had agreed among themselves on a proposal.

The lawmakers say they're seeking enough support to push the deal through Congress.

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Democrats' insistence on passing an immigration bill by the funding deadline has raised concerns about the possibility of a government shutdown.

"It's a good step forward for the people whose DACA permits have been expiring but there's still a long way for us to fight", said Luna, 21, of San Jose who was brought to the USA illegally from Mexico as a 1-year-old. They want to reduce legal immigration, require employers to verify workers' citizenship and block federal grants to so-called sanctuary cities that hinder federal anti-immigrant efforts.

"It's got to include the wall", Trump said at a news conference Wednesday at the White House.

The U.S. Catholic bishops "are encouraged by the consensus" that emerged from the meeting that a legislative solution for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is "urgently needed", said the chairman of the bishops' Committee on Migration.

On Tuesday U.S. District Judge William Alsup of the 9th circuit court in San Francisco blocked President Trump's administration from ending the program protecting those who were brought to the United States illegally at a young age from deportation.

Their proposal centered on a deal that would offer DREAM Act-like deportation protections for the young immigrants in exchange for border security measures and new limits on legal immigration through family unification visas and the diversity lottery. His pattern so far has been to agree to the Democrats' maximal demand - pass an amnesty with no conditions - and then let his aides start walking him back toward conditions, sometimes unrealistic ones. But there's also talk from Republicans, including the president, of attaching conditions to any deal - like expanding the border wall with Mexico. He stressed the need for "surveillance" and "manpower" in tandem with that. The Congressional Black Caucus is expected to oppose any end to the diversity visa, however, because it would end most immigration from Africa. The administration said it was executive overreach and called on Congress to come up with a solution to the status of DACA recipients, also called DREAMers.