Toyota Adds Amazon Alexa, Android Auto Adds Google Assistant


Expect Google to eventually bring their own smart screen device to market in late 2018 or early 2019. For example, there are Nest, LG, and Wemo sections that'll show you the actions you can take with their smart products. However, storage specifications do not really matter much on devices likes these, as its role is to respond to voice commands and deliver requests via its display.

Technology Editor Chris Casacchia is reporting from CES in Las Vegas this week. It looks like one, but this device isn't a tablet and you won't be able to access the Google Play Store. This is a great feature, especially for those with fears of unauthorized spying or those who just absolutely want to make sure that the camera can not see anything.

The smaller model is expected to cost $200 and the larger one is $250.

Alexa is already included in the next-gen Android Tv devices like the AirTv Player, Xiaomi, LG U+, and Skyworth. If you've used a smart speaker, you've experienced those times when it rattles off a response but you don't hear all of the details.

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Lenovo's 8- and 10-inch Smart Display has the built-in assistant and a 10-watt speaker.

Unfortunately, the LG ThinQ WK9, which goes on sale this summer, is probably the least attractive smart display we've seen so far.

In terms of features, it's similar to Lenovo's offering. It's getting easier than ever to control every mundane appliance and task around you with the voice assistant of your choice - but an ever-smarter home still comes with compromises. The JBL Link View's stereo speakers could do just that. JBL, part of Samsung Electronics' Harman Kardon subsidiary, LG and Sony did not announce pricing and release dates. It's the cheapest option, for the moment, at $129. If you don't know how to prepare something, you can get step by step directions read to you or a quick query will pull up a YouTube video showing you what to do. But apparently, that wasn't the real Google Assistant. Amazon's Echo, the first smart speaker on the market, was introduced in November 2014.