Search for California mudslide survivors goes on


The family rode out the storm on kitchen counters as the debris smashed through the walls and exposed the lower level of the two-story house and one of the upstairs bedrooms.

NeoTract's GoFundMe post says her father and brother are still missing. A family friend said Ramos called home daily to her relatives in her native town of Marquelia near Acapulco on Mexico's Pacific coast.

For others, the grim reality was just beginning as workmen dug through the debris.

- Both directions of USA 101 remain closed from the junction of State Route 126 in Ventura County to Milpas Street in Santa Barbara County due to mudslides, so motorists are advised to use the I-5 as an alternate route. "You have to start accepting the reality of that".

As searchers were completing their initial assessment of all residences Friday they found 87-year-old Joseph Francis Bleckel dead inside his home, bringing the total killed by the mudslides to 18, ranging in age from 3 to 89. He died with his wife of more than 50 years, Alice.

Cantin's 14-year-old daughter, Lauren, was rescued by firefighters this week after being trapped for hours. Earlier in the week, the body of Corey's 12-year-old sister, Sawyer, was also found. None of the adult dead shared their last names.

A man has captured the dramatic moment a flash flood hit his home in California as the state endured intense storms and mudslides.

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While this list often fluctuates as new information is obtained, here is a current list of people reported missing that are considered active investigations. Aerial footage over Montecito showed a contrast of widespread damage next to homes completely untouched by the disaster. Some streets suffered no damage.

The streets of Montecito in Santa Barbara country in California resemble a battlefield, choked with mud, downed trees, snapped utility poles, crumpled cars and crushed houses. "Helicopters rescued some people who climbed onto the roofs of their homes to escape the torrent of water, and mud". Like many, the couple described hearing explosions during the slide as gas lines ruptured and exploded.

California Fire spokesman Brad Bihun says, "Right now we still are in a rescue mode so we don't know what is out there". They've got power back, limited cell phone service and food for their six dogs and 20 chickens.

Amid a field of debris out of a movie in the small California town of Montecito on Thursday stood Oprah Winfrey, communicating via FaceTime with Ellen DeGeneres about the horrors that the community connecting the two television legends has seen in a very short span of time.

Friday morning, the couple walked down to a security checkpoint near their home to get an update from the California Highway Patrol officer stationed there.

Residents lucky enough to be spared reported hearing rumblings just before the onslaught that sounded like an natural disaster but were actually the sound of a deadly, roaring curtain of mud and debris descending upon them powerful enough to propel massive boulders the size of trucks along with it.

"Had we not gone over there, I don't think that kid would have [survived]", he added.