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Nevertheless, speaking to reporters yesterday, Trump suggested he would still be open to the USA being a part of the climate change accord, but emphasised that as it stands the deal remains "very unfair to the United States".

Trump is joining with Prime Minister Erna Solberg at a news conference following their meeting at the White House.

However, he insisted that Paris Agreement, which the worldwide community signed in 2015 with the aim of combating climate change by limiting global temperature rise to well below two degrees Celsius, was "a bad deal" and "very unfair" to the US.

The president's objections to the pact, signed by former President Barack Obama, included "great penalties" placed on the use of "gas and coal and oil and lots of other things", and the potential closing of businesses in order to qualify for the accord. "We have strict regulations to meet our Paris targets, which means we have very strong policies for environment-friendly and climate-friendly technologies", she said. While the NDC legally remains in place until 2019, the Trump administration has already stopped implementation, and on June 1, 2017, announced that the US would pull out of the Paris agreement unless it could identify suitable terms for re-engagement.

"It put great penalties on us", he said about the agreement. "It took away a lot of our asset values", President Trump said.

Onu: "Parole Trump vergognose e razziste"
Ha soltanto riconosciuto di aver usato un "linguaggio duro", come riporta l'autorevole The Washington Post . Secondo il Guardian Trump ha annullato la visita per timore di proteste di massa.

The landmark agreement, which entered into force last November, calls on countries to combat climate change and to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future, and to adapt to the increasing impacts of climate change. "So we could conceivably go back in". "China, by 2030-they don't kick in until 2030", he said as an example.

Trump insisted that his administration feels very strongly about the environment.

He also said during the presidential election campaign that he wanted to help U.S. oil and coal industries. The US president emphasized that he is not going to let the Paris agreement to deny the US competitive edge.

Trump said that climate was not discussed at length at the meetings, which included a 15-minute talk between Solberg and Trump, and a one-hour meeting with other officials in the room as well. "In fact, most of your energy-your electricity-is produced by hydro", he told Solberg.