Google Duo Spotted Working on Android Smartphones Without the App Installed


For someone without the app, they will see it as an incoming call with a view of your camera. Well, that's not a problem anymore, as now you can make Duo calls to even those who don't have the app installed on their devices. A user on Reddit recently spotted that his handset was showing to make a Duo call to a Nexus 6P device, even though the device did not have Duo app installed on it. Users further said that it was possible to make a call to the Nexus 6P handset.

You can now call people that haven't installed or registered with Duo in the past. But, most of the Google messaging apps are caught up in a hitch at this stage, pushing few users towards either Allo or Duo.

Some of the best parts of Google Duo, including the "knock knock" feature that lets you see who's calling on screen before you answer, are included in this new functionality. App Preview Messaging could be another reason behind the to have supported App Preview Messaging since launch, albeit with a different UI, reports Android Police. The person on the receiving end of the call is asked with a prompt if he wants to install Duo on his phone, which would allow him to initiate Duo calls instead of only receiving them.

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This feature could be deemed as a masterstroke for Google Duo app resulting in increased app usage. It also provides an option to block future calls from the user so as to provide more privacy and not to allow anyone to keep making calls without your permission. On the other side, this could be annoying for the ones who don't like video-calling and get video calls without even having the app in the first place.

What are your thoughts on this new-found feature on Google Duo?

Hangouts may or may not be discontinued which we don't know at the moment.