Bill Murray Stars as Steve Bannon on 'SNL' Cold Open


Kicking off the show's cold open were mock versions of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough who were soon joined by a satirical Michael Wolff to talk about "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House".

"I think the worst one were the baby races".

'Someone would put a bowl of Goldfish crackers at the other side of the room.

Armisen played the author as flippant about the truth of the tales in his sensational new book about the Trump White House.

"Yes, you did", Armisen's Wolff replied.

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But the returning SNL alum Armisen was promptly upstaged by another, when Bill Murray showed up to play Steve Bannon. And you liked it? "You had fun? So what's the problem, you got the gist, so shut up".

Then as Steve Bannon arrived on set in Grim Reaper guise, Murray arrived on the scene to discuss his "web series for crackle" his fashion line of wrinkled barn jackets, "Frumpers" and his next line of "outsider" political candidates, Logan Paul, Martin Shkreli and "Jared" from Subway.

But with Bannon ousted from both the Oval Office and Breitbart News, and his reputation among the Right sullied by his candid comments in a tell-all book, it was time for the mask to come off, and it was Bill Murray playing the man under the hood on this weekend's episode. "I convinced this country to elect Donald and will do it again", Bannon said.

Leslie Jones portrayed Oprah, whose speech at the Golden Globes stoked the fires that she would run for president. When asked about her own potential candidacy, she said, "I am a celebrity, so I'm qualified, but I am different from Donald Trump because I'm actually a billionaire".

"There's only one job in the world more powerful than being president", Jones said in character.