Who Is Shane Dawson? YouTube Star Accused Of Pedophilia Over Google Search


Shane says that back when he said those things, he was insecure, and was trying to make people laugh by shocking them. "Here's proof." It was posted January 10, but has since been removed by YouTube.

'And this kid slapped her huge d**k on the table and was, like, a six-year-old who goes "Oh, I have 125,000".

"I'm going to apologize first", Dawson says in the video.

"It's disgusting that some people are saying I'm a f**king paedophile because of some s***ty a** f**king jokes on a podcast from six years ago!" Speaking of the original clip, which he played in full, he says "That clip wasn't amusing, but when I play that clip you can hear my co-host laughing".

'So why is it that when someone Googles, like, "naked baby" and jerks off to it, they can get arrested?

He then adds: "Here's the worst part of it, I actually went to Google..."

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Shane has since responded to the video, saying: 'That video is all jokes taken out of context and has all the punchlines removed.

A famous YouTuber has issued a video statement after allegations of pedophilia began circulating about him on Twitter. "I just wanted to see, let me pretend I'm a paedophile for a second".

'So I typed in "naked baby". First of all, I don't understand why anybody would be turned on by that.

"I went to Google and I didn't want to see child porn", Dawson continues. But, they were sexy.

The vlogger, who commands 11,722,292 subscribers, vehemently defended himself in a video titled "regarding he rumours about me today", after the explosive audio surfaced. I am sorry that I was, like, so f***ing insecure and, like, playing this character. this guy who's f***ing insane and will say anything and tries to make people laugh by shocking them. I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. I wasn't confident enough to make smart jokes. "I was doing s-- that was racially insensitive, I was doing s-- that was homophobic, I was doing s-- that could be considered fat shaming, I was doing some f--ed up comedy stuff that I'm not proud of". Instead of dragging me down people should use me as an example of a creator who can CHANGE and better themselves and their content. YouTube's rules also very clearly state that "it's not okay to post large amounts of repetitive and/or re-uploaded videos to your channel", which Pop Blast's channel did multiple times over the course of several hours. "Listening to that clip just now, I didn't laugh; I didn't think it was amusing". "I'm kidding", he laughed.