Steve Bannon to Step Down From Breitbart News


Bannon drew the ire of the White House last week when The Guardian revealed that author Michael Wolff quoted him in his book "Fire and Fury" as saying a Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign was "unpatriotic" and perhaps "treasonous".

President Trump perplexed political pundits when he boasted Thursday that he has "a very good relationship" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, while in the same breath deriding his former right hand man Stephen Bannon as a traitor.

Trump Jr. later said the lawyer gave them no useful information on Clinton and the conversation shifted to other topics.

Another adult-film star, Jessica Drake, in October 2016 accused Trump of kissing her without permission at that same 2006 golf tournament that Clifford attended. Because Trumpism, to the extent it exists, was never about Steve Bannon, nationalism, isolationism, or for that matter about anything resembling something close to a coherent ideology or a mature worldview. This, by the way, was true long before Trump became president or even before his candidacy.

Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's former chief strategist, pictured here on October 23, will meet with the House Intelligence Committee.

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump

Bannon was named chief executive of the Trump campaign two and a half months before Election Day.

An aide to Republican Representative Devin Nunes, the committee's chairman, declined comment.

The poll was taken before Bannon was sacked from Breitbart.

"I'm not saying I have or haven't", Trump said. And Trump was eager and happy to have someone who supplied him with ideas that, most importantly, grabbed the public's attention and kept him in the limelight on his way to an unexpected election victory. As if we didn't already know that greed trumped security.

New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg drew attention to Bannon's comment in on Friday afternoon, shortly after the publication of the Journal report.

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