October: Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend Said She Handled Ammo


Over 300 pages of search warrants about the investigation were unsealed by a judge on Friday, CNN reports, showing an email account tied to gunman Stephen Paddock sent messages to an unknown person about the accessory thought to have been used in the attack two months before the tragedy.

Court documents released Friday revealed that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents knew Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had caches of guns, ammunition and explosives when they sought warrants to search his properties and online accounts. The gunman who opened fire on concertgoers from 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel was found dead, apparently of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, when a police SWAT team burst in, authorities said Monday.They said at least eight weapons, including a number of long rifles, were found in the room from where 64-year-old Stephen Paddock rained automatic fire into thousands of terrified people attending a country music concert across the street.'We believe the individual killed himself prior to our entry, ' Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said.

Drapes billow out of the room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino following a deadly shooting at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas.

The July 7, 2017 exchange appears to be a discussion about firearms, and the document states plainly that "investigators believe these communications may have been related to the eventual attack at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas".

Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of Stephen Paddock.

Paddock purchased the items used in his attack during the year leading up to it, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said, and a large share of the ammunition and accessories he amassed appear to have been bought online.

"Try an ar before u buy". Investigators were only able to search one but could not unlock the others.

Las Vegas Mourns After Nation's Deadliest Modern Shooting
Las Vegas Mourns After Nation's Deadliest Modern Shooting David Becker Getty

One warrant for Paddock's hotel room resulted in the recovery of three cellphones.

The FBI affidavit states that when investigators took a DNA sample from Danley, "she spontaneously stated that her fingerprints would likely be found on Paddock's ammunition because she occasionally participated in loading magazines".

The FBI agent who prepared the affidavit noted that Danely was cooperating with investigators and that the investigation "to date has not produced any conclusive evidence that Danely aided Paddock, had foreknowledge of his plans, or has been deceptive with law enforcement". Investigators say they suspect he may have been emailing himself, but couldn't figure out why.

The court records also show that investigators sought to preserve the content of social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook linked to Paddock and Danely.

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo later said that October 2 search found 19 guns and several pounds of potentially explosive materials.

According to CNN, the documents reveal a series of email exchanges that occurred just two months before the attack.

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