Malawi Information Minister Dausi Denies Jonathan Moyo Asylum Rumours


Moyo, who was interviewed by Zeinab Badawi on the popular talkshow, Hardtalk, claimed that the current government is illegitimate by virtue of ascending to power through the bullet and not the ballot.

On Nov 13, the military took over control of government in Zimbabwe, placing Mugabe under house arrest and detaining several senior government officials.

He continued saying, "it is completely unsustainable for anyone to say Mugabe resigned voluntarily when we know the army took over all institutions of the state and confined him to his residence. You can not send the arsonists to be the fire brigade", he said.

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi has dismissed as untrue news reports that Zimbabwe's former Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo is in Malawi.

"If you don't intervene when there has been such an outrageous, brazen attack on a constitutional order, you are simply opening the floodgates to conflict", he said.

The atrocities targeted members of the ethnic Ndebele population believed to support former Vice President Joshua Nkomo, then an opponent of Mugabe.

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Zanu-PF spokesman, Simon Khaya Moyo, announced the party's preferred candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa, had tasked the revolutionary party to ensure a landslide victory in the face of a challenge by a coalition by opposition parties.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, said the courtesy calls are a requisite for a newly appointed President. "There should be no more hate speech and factionalism within the party", Moyo said. There was heavy gunfire for 15 minutes. "I was there with my wife and children", Moyo said, adding that he has since fled to another country over fears for his safety.

"The army deployed itself in Zimbabwe when the constitution says only the president can deploy it", he said.

He was seen as the power behind former first lady Grace Mugabe, who headed the so-called G-40 faction.

"I will never, ever accept the proposition that those who use violence have outsmarted me", he said. "I escaped the net of the military people to be where I am legally".