LG and Samsung introduce 8K televisions


The new large LG OLED TV can be rolled back into its relatively small triangular box when not in use.

All of that screen real estate would be for nought if the TV's display quality wasn't up to scratch.

Taken at its word, MicroLED should combine the benefits of both current panel technologies into one - all while dodging their weaknesses. What's more, an early report by CNET states that the seams between modules isn't visible, unlike other modular large form factor displays. Samsung aims to bring "The Wall" to market during 2018.

As yet it isn't clear when it will be launched although an announcement is expected in the forthcoming weeks.

However this isn't the real point of Samsung's enormous new HDR 4K TV and its 146 inch screen, No, what Samsung really wants from such a massive piece of home entertainment technology lots of attention to its size during a major consumer electronics event (VES 2018), so that the company can then showcase all the cool new display technologies that "The Wall" comes with and let buyers judge for themselves if they'd be willing to pay premium prices for the same things in the more ordinary-sized 4K HDR TVs that emerge in 2018 and maybe 2019. However, Samsung's new upscaling solution uses artificial intelligence to make the results much more believable, not to mention enjoyable. A recent article notes: " You can adjust the height of the TV for certain types of content - mostly movies - that aren't filmed in the typical 16:9 aspect ratio of most TVs. The improvements of 8K will only be noticeable on these massive displays, above two metres wide. Neither company shared local pricing for any of the models on display.

Antonio Villas-Boas  Business Insider
Antonio Villas-Boas Business Insider

LG already supports Dolby Vision HDR in its OLED screens, and its latest televisions will now also support HDR10, the rival HDR specification used by Sony's PS4 Pro and Microsoft's Xbox One X consoles, as well as some streaming services.

Of course, detail levels looked outstanding too, but the bright picture and vibrant colour palette were by far the standout features here, all powered by Sony's next-generation X1 Ultimate processor. While it might not necessarily be there quite yet, and I expect Samsung will be working out any possible kinks in the coming months, MicroLED tech is filled with potential.

They're all part of LG's ThinQ concept, too - which at this stage means the ability to learn your watching habits and (for the United States and Korea to begin with) direct Google Assistant interactivity.

Alongside the rollable OLED display, LG at the CES showcased its 88-inch 8K OLED display and a Crystal Sound OLED integration.

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